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Welcome to Aesop’s Fox! This blog offers fables, wisdom literature, philosophical musings, myths, and selections of Greek literature that are of direct relevance and interest to our lives today.

The cultures of ancient Greece and Rome stand at the very heart of European thought and society yet they are often viewed as strange and distant. This blog sets out to demonstrate how pertinent, helpful and fascinating the Classical world can be for our everyday lives.

This blog draws on a host of ancient authors of familiar and lesser known works. All of them offer material that is insightful, instructive, interesting and amusing. Through their writing, we catch glimpses of the real men and women of the ancient world: their daily lives, their values, their morality, their thoughts and feelings. By engaging with this ancient writing and culture, we come to realize that we can directly relate to, and learn from, these people from the past.

I am a classical scholar, academic and author. My interest in Classics was inspired by a visit to Greece and Turkey many years ago. I stood on a hill among the ruins of Troy and read a passage of Homer’s Iliad. I will never forget the beauty and power of reading that epic poem amidst the dry whispering grasses and high stone walls.

After many years of study, I now enjoy teaching the ancient Greek language, writing scholarly articles and books, and sharing my discoveries and my enthusiasm for the ancient world. I hope you enjoy the blog!

Dr Sonia Pertsinidis

BA (Hons) LLB (Hons) PhD Classics (ANU)

*Please note that the views expressed on this site do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, The Australian National University.